The Company

China State Construction International Holdings Limited (“CSCI” or the “Group”) , a renowned comprehensive construction and infrastructure investment enterprise that adopts an integrated model of technology, investment, construction and asset operation, began its construction business in Hong Kong in 1979. Focusing on such key fields as infrastructure investment and operation, construction engineering, prefabricated construction and curtain wall engineering, the Group is one of the largest general contractors in Hong Kong and Macao as well as a leading urban investment operator in China's mainland.

  • In July 2005, the Group was successfully listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 3311.HK). For more than a decade, the Group's revenue increased from HK$6.86 billion in 2005 to HK$ 113.73 billion in 2023, with a compounded annual growth rate of 17 percent. Its net profit soared from HK$130 million in 2005 to HK$9.16 billion in 2023, with a compounded annual growth rate of 27 percent. The total amount of contracts in hand jumped from HK$23.7 billion in 2005 to HK$571.9 billion in 2023, achieving a series of remarkable results.

  • Adhering to the corporate spirit of "Integrity, Innovation, Transcendence and Win-win Solution", after more than 40 years of development, CSCI has developed businesses in four major areas, namely the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and overseas markets, implemented the technology-empowered strategy and built a business model integrating "Technology, Investment, Construction and Asset Operation". As of the end of 2023, the Group had entered the domestic markets in 22 provinces and more than 80 cities and undertaken more than 1,500 projects in Hong Kong, Macao, the Chinese mainland and overseas.

    Over the years, CSCI has established a solid foundation in the construction contracting business of Hong Kong and Macao, actively optimized construction procedures, improved cost-effectiveness, and cooperated with centralized procurement and distribution management systems, enjoying a reputation in the building industry in various major markets. Looking to the future, the Group will continue to leverage its rich engineering management experience, outstanding capital operation capabilities, and leading construction technology innovation, and exert the core expertise of building high-quality and technically complex projects and strive to create a world-class comprehensive enterprise integrating "Technology, Investment, Construction and Asset Operation".