CSCI Published Its Sustainability Roadmap


China State Construction International Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as "CSCI" or the "Company", stock code: 03311.HK) is pleased to announce that its Sustainability Roadmap has been formulated and published on the company's website (hyperlink). CSCI started drafting work from 2019. The roadmap is guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and takes relevant domestic and foreign regulations, standards and plans into consideration. After communication with internal and external stakeholders, internal research across all the company’s businesses, and discussion among all senior management, this roadmap was finally accomplished 3 years later.

The roadmap focuses on five major areas, including: safeguarding the environment, building a sustainable supply chain, nurturing and supporting talent, serving the community, and leading with innovation. It proposes 29 ambitious goals, including:

1. Responding to China's carbon peak and carbon neutral goals and realizing the green transformation of building construction, the Company aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060 and achieve a 25% reduction in carbon emission intensity by 2025 (2018 as base year).

2. The Company will formulate sustainable development procurement guidelines and initiatives, and work hand in hand with all stakeholders to promote the sustainable development of the construction industry.

3. The Company will vigorously appeal to and retain talents, establish a comprehensive personal performance evaluation system, and strengthen staff training. It will also improve the protection of the safety and health of all employees, with a target of an accident rate per 1000 workers lower than 6.0 in 2025.

4. The company adheres to the principle of "What takes from the society should be used for the society" and will strengthen community investment. The goal is to increase the amount of community investment by 2025 by 15% over 2020, while creating employment opportunities for disadvantaged groups and young people.

5. The company will vigorously develop innovative construction technology. CSCI targets at investing 2.5% of annual turnover in technology in 2025.

To achieve the above-mentioned sustainable development goals, the Company has formulated 39 action plans and put them into practice. With the help of cutting-edge technologies it has and is developing, and the corporation of its staff, subcontractors and suppliers, CSCI hopes to lead the trend of green construction and deliver better sustainable performance to all stakeholders. In the future, the Company will review the sustainable development goals annually and revise the roadmap in due course. CSCI expects to march towards a sustainable future with all stakeholders.