Sustainability Management

In pursuit of economic growth, companies should strike a balance between sustainable development of economy, society and environment. CSCI explores and develops a model of sustainability management bearing its own characteristics, listens to and collects the opinions of stakeholders to further integrate sustainability concepts and strategies into the day-to-day operation of the Group, so as to achieve the co-existence of reasonable profit, social responsibility and environmental responsibility.


Developing into a world-class and sustainable corporation with international construction and infrastructure investment


Leading a trend of innovation, building a life of happiness.

  • Sustainability Strategy and Approach

    A sustainability strategy is the key in leading corporations to face emerging global changes and promotes full integration of sustainability in day-to-day operations. The Group is committed to creating sustainability strategies that fulfil its business development, to systematically promote each project’s development in stages, and assist decision makers in effectively reviewing the Group’s sustainability progress. These seven approaches serve as the guiding principles for the Group to develop and publish a Sustainability Policy that covers all its operations.

  • Sustainability Roadmap

    As a response to the growing global focus on sustainable development, the Group has embarked on the development of a sustainability roadmap, thereby setting its short and long-term goals. The Group's initiatives and action plans are to be implemented in phases so that the Group can review its sustainability performance and progress in a timely manner. Its sustainability approach and policies form the basis for the development of the roadmap.

  • Sustainability governance structure

    To fulfil the sustainability visions of CSCI, the Group formally established the Sustainability Committee (the “Committee”) in 2018. The Committee is responsible for coordinating the sustainability management, strategy planning and target setting of the Group. Four subcommittees, namely Operation Management, Human Resources, Social Investment and Compliance and Risks,are responsible for promoting the relevant policies and implementing the relevant measures. The Committee comprises Executive Directors and members of the senior management to ensure its decision making and execution powers.

  • Stakeholder Engagement

    Stakeholder2 participation is a key component in the business management of CSCI, which helps the Group review the potential risks and business opportunities. In its day-to-day operation, the Group has always maintained open communication with internal and external stakeholders through meetings, workshops, and other events. We hope that through diverse communication channels stakeholders can understand the Group’s development and operation approaches. It also provides the Group a chance to understand their opinions and needs in order to develop therelevant policies in response and fulfill their expectations.