Green Finance

In November 2021, the Group was certified by the Hong Kong Construction Industry Council Sustainable Finance Certification Scheme (Certification Scheme) as one of the first 16 accredited organizations, representing the Group’s compliance with international and local ESG standards as well as bank’s requirements for ESG products, demonstrating the Group’s leading sustainability status in the industry and laying an excellent foundation for developing sustainable financing.

Under this certification scheme, the Group has completed two sustainable development related loans with interest rates linked to ESG performance, and will receive preferential interest rate if the Group achieves its objectives. The Group will continue to improve its sustainability performance and actively explore opportunities arising from the use of a variety of green financial instruments.

The Hong Kong Construction Industry Council has launched this certification scheme to tie in with the policies of the SAR Government and to promote Hong Kong as a sustainable green city, providing a common framework and a transparent assessment system for the construction industry. The certification scheme promotes sustainability assessment and certification of projects and construction materials for the entire construction industry, including developers, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, etc., and improves access to green financing, with a view to promoting more green and sustainable projects in the industry.