We and Community

The operation of an enterprise relies on society. To fulfil the corporate responsibility, it should give back to the community and participate in public welfare for the benefit of its neighbours. The construction industry has a significant impact on the communities in which it operates. While investments in infrastructure improve the lives of local people and the economy, the construction process also has a negative impact on nearby communities. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain close communication with its neighbours and take their requests into account. The Group seeks to contribute in the most effective way possible, contributing its expertise and capabilities through industry development and participation in public policy. In 2021, the Group's revenue from various affordable housing projects exceeded HK$7.2 billion, accounting for more than 9% of the annual turnover of 2021, and the number of the corresponding units was over 6,600.

Case Study

Rural Revitalization

The Group actively participates in rural revitalization projects and promotes coordinated development between urban and rural areas. It undertakes both large and small infrastructure projects throughout the country to facilitate the transformation and upgrading of rural industries. By means of a range of public welfare initiatives, the Group promotes economic development and social progress in rural areas, improving the quality of life and happiness of rural residents.

In 2022, the Group has participated in rural revitalization through “buy for help” and purchased chicken, soybean oil, beef, and other agricultural products from Fujian Province and Gansu Province for employee benefits for projects that have canteens. The total expenditure exceeded RMB250,000 with the aim of promoting rural consumption, increasing sales, and expanding the market for agricultural products.

The Group knows that education is the hope for rural children to walk out of the mountains. Shaanxi Company organized its employees to form the “Dream Building Team” and conducted a public welfare activity called “Building Dreams and Happiness, Delivering Warmth” for left-behind children at Longquan Mingri Experimental Primary School in Jingyang County, Shaanxi Province. During the activity, members of the “Dream Building Team” taught the children about the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival, as well as the patriotic love and childlike innocence of Qu Yuan. They also led the children in singing songs and making handicrafts. As a token of appreciation for Shaanxi Company’s years of care and concern for left-behind children, representatives from Mingri Experimental Primary School presented them with the “Love Enterprise” plaque.

Fight Coronavirus Together

In 2020, the outbreak of the coronavirus has caused a surge in pneumonia. The Group quickly deployed in a unified manner, and began to purchase masks, gloves, alcohol sprays, hand sanitisers and other protective supplies before the Spring Festival, and distributed them to employees and site workers. The Group also promptly purchased supplies and equipment for disinfection and body temperature testing, and implemented anti-epidemic measures in the workplace. In addition, the Group actively responded to the call of the Construction Industry Council to participate in the construction industry’s anti-epidemic care action, providing financial assistance to frontline workers diagnosed with infection or requiring mandatory isolation, and purchasing anti-epidemic materials for employees. As of May 31, the Group has invested more than HKD16.06M in internal and external epidemic prevention and control.

CSCHK has taken up the responsibility of building Hong Kong’s first and largest quarantine centre. Faced with difficulties such as tight work schedule, the importance of the mission and high pressure, the Group completed construction swiftly using MiC technology, which played an active role in helping Hong Kong combat the pandemic.

CSC Macao overcame various difficulties such as short construction period, understaff within construction teams, shortage in resource provision and huge pressure on epidemic prevention. The company succeeded to complete project design, building and delivery in just 21 days. The camp is equipped with showers, boiler room, laundry room, food heating room, supermarket and education and training rooms, to ensure a healthy, comfortable life and convenience for its residents.

Disaster Relief

Under climate change, extreme weather has become more frequent, which not only threatens the lives and property of citizens, but also disrupts social order. CSCI has always participated in disaster relief work in various places, fulfilled its corporate citizen responsibility, and contributed to the communities where it operates.

Super typhoon Mangkhut

In September 2018, the Super typhoon Mangkhut hit Hong Kong and Macao. The Hong Kong Observatory and the Macao Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau both issued typhoon signal No. 10 for 10 hours. It was the second longest typhoon signal since the war. Mangkhut brought destructive winds and severe storm surges along the Pearl River Estuary. In Hong Kong, there were at least 458 people injured, more than 60,000 reports of fallen trees and at least 500 reports of damaged glass windows or facades. In Macao, 40 people were injured, more than 5,500 people needed to be evacuated, and there were numerous reports of damage to buildings.

CSCI issued Notice on Preparing for Mangkhut before the typhoon hit Hong Kong and Macao, and convened a video conference for work deployment, set up a working group to coordinate wind protection in construction sites and offices. At the same time, the Group promptly organised volunteer teams to assist the underprivileged groups, and pre-allocated materials for disaster relief to ensure smooth rescue work.

Among them, CSC Macao established a 335-person disaster relief volunteer team. Before the typhoon, it prepared 65 sets of machinery and equipment, 360 chain saws and 1,500 shovel to provide support for the typhoon rescue and relief operations.

After the disaster, the Group invested a large amount of human and material resources in Hong Kong and Macao, and contributed to the restoration of local social and economic order with efficient organisation and execution.

Shandong Shouguang and Qingzhou Flood

In August 2018, Shouguang, Qingzhou and other places in Shandong Province recorded the largest rainfall since 1951, and about 52,648 people were affected by the floods. China State Construction International Investments (Shandong) Limited and China Overseas Harbour Affairs (Laizhou) Limited under the Group collaborated with other subsidiaries in Shandong Province under its parent company, COHL, to organise more than 130 employees to form a volunteer team to fight floods and deliver disaster relief for eight consecutive days. The volunteer team provided basic supplies, such as rice, noodles, oil, water buckets, iron shovel and mosquito coils, to the people in the disaster area, with a total value of more than RMB200,000, to help them quickly resume production and maintain their living standards.

Targeted Poverty Alleviation

The Group is committed to responding to China’s strategy of ‘Precise poverty relief and precise poverty alleviation’. Education is an important step in helping the community to get rid of poverty. The Group focuses on investment and education-related projects and hopes that the next generation will enjoy a better life.

Building Congjiang County Meie Primary School

CSC Macao first visited Congjiang County in Guizhou Province to learn about the local situation of multi-ethnicity, backwards infrastructure and lack of educational resources. In order to solve intergenerational transmission of poverty in the community, and allow immigrant children to go to nearby schools, CSC Macao decided to use RMB 5 million to help build a comprehensive teaching building, COHL Meie Primary School, in Congjiang County.

In order to smoothly implement education and poverty alleviation work, CSC Macao and the Congjiang County Government of Guizhou worked closely together to fully utilise their resources to improve educational facilities. The Congjiang government is mainly responsible for the early-stage land acquisition, project establishment, planning, geological exploration, design, supervision, etc. CSC Macao is responsible for the investment and construction of the integrated teaching building. In the future, CSC Macao will continue to carry out school-enterprise co-development activities, support school management, maintain communication with teachers and students, and organise employees and members of the community to visit the school.

Information of Congjiang County COHL Meie Primary School
Target 1,080 school age children in the proximity
Area Total area: 33,335 square metres
Construction area: 9,037 square metres
Facilities Integrated teaching building (Construction area: 3,364 square metres), student residence, canteen, bathroom, teacher residence, playground, basketball field and volleyball field
Investment About RMB 28.1114 million

On 1 September 2019, Meingor Hope Primary School was officially opened. In the future, CSC Macao will continue to assist in school teaching management and students’ personal development. It also plans to organise activities that would strengthen the bonding between teachers and students on a long-term basis. Visits by staff and the general public would be arranged and donations would be welcomed. Students of outstanding virtue and academic achievements would be invited to join summer camps in Macao.

Caring for Dabie Mountains

In December 2018, CSCIICL took the lead in holding a charity campaign, ‘Caring for Dabie Mountains without barriers’. The event combines community care and visits, and specifically invites local education departments, governments and media to participate to strengthen communication and maximise benefits.

Representatives of CSCIICL first visited the Anhui Suzhou Special Education Center to interact with local teachers and students through seminars and painting classes to understand their lives and needs. The CSCIICL volunteer team drew with students with special educational needs to increase their exposure to different people and feel the care of volunteers. It also allowed volunteers to understand the needs of the community.

In order to understand the natural environment and closed economy of the Dabie Mountains area in Lu’an City which leads to poverty and backwards development, the volunteers team visited three villages: Bailongjing Village, Hepeng Village and Gaozhuang Village. The volunteer team communicated in depth with the poverty alleviation team leader in each village to identify the needs of the villagers. Finally, the volunteer team delivered materials villagers need to improve their current living environment. The beneficiaries included 40 students, 10 teachers and 10 families.

This event is the starting point for CSCIICL’s community investment in Anhui Province. CSCIICL will continue to uphold the corporate mission of serving the society to continue to connect with local poverty alleviation offices and local governments, forming a peer-to-peer poverty alleviation system to help more people in need.

Preparation of the Provincial Construction Industry (Prefabricated Construction) and Transport Industry Standards

The Group is committed to contributing to society with its expertise. In order to enhance the overall living standards and safety of the community, the Group combined the team’s professional skills and experience to participate in the preparation of a number of construction industry and transportation industry standards. Combining its experience and technology in cross-river bridges maintenance, the Nanjing Second Bridge Company participated in various transportation and scientific research projects of the ministry and provincial levels. It not only helps improve infrastructure and benefit the society, but also enhances the Group’s reputation in the industry. The transportation industry standards that the Nanjing Second Bridge Company has participated in include:

In terms of construction, Shenzhen Hailong Construction Science Co., Limited cooperated with the Building Industrialisation Association of Shenzhen by combining domestic and international engineering experience to prepare two Shenzhen City building industrialisation group standards, including Procedures for the Prefabrication and Acceptance of Precast Concrete Parts and Technical Regulations for the Fabrication of Precast Parts of GRC Finished Reinforced Concrete. Guangdong Hailong was responsible for explaining the specific technical content. The two standards stipulate the production standards and quality inspection, which helps promote the safety level of the industry and the long-term development. Among them, Procedures for the Prefabrication and Acceptance of Precast Concrete Parts includes chapters about production safety and environmental protection to help improve the overall safety and environmental protection awareness of the industry.

In the future, the Group will continue to pay attention to changes in industry standards and regulation in different places to strive for continuous development, help enhance the quality of local industry and improve the infrastructure of society.

Projects to Better People’s Livelihood

To improve the living conditions of the elderly, the Macao Government has launched a new project embedded with the concept of “Residence for Senior Citizens”, which will be rented to senior citizens with limited mobility living in tenement buildings. The building will be equipped with elderly-friendly meals and medical services, alleviating the pressure on nursing homes and providing privacy for the elderly. Featuring the “design-and-build” approach, it is the first public works project in Macao to adopt prefabricated components in its construction, which will shorten the construction cycle and speed up the construction process, allowing the elderly to move in early. Having a team with rich experience in project design and prefabricated construction, CSC Macao draws on the Group’s practical experience in Hong Kong and the Mainland and introduces relevant technologies into Macao public constructions.

In addition, BIM will be used to coordinate the construction of this project to reduce conflicts and errors. BIM asbuilt models will be delivered to the government to facilitate future operators to apply smart devices such as motion, water overflow and light sensors. These smart systems are expected to facilitate the daily life of seniors while helping operators protect their health and safety. The Group will continue to contribute to the improvement of people’s livelihood in communities where it operates, and create a better and happier life for the citizens.

To Prosper Hong Kong in Serving the Community

To systematically organise community building efforts, the Group has established the CSCI “Caring for the Community” Volunteer Branch (the “Volunteer Branch”). It is led by the management of the Group and CSHK and aims at serving the community by its professions. With the long-term goal of becoming a sizeable and influential charitable organisation in Hong Kong, the Volunteer Branch is responsible for coordinating volunteer activities, exposing employees to the community and caring for society, and eventually building a brand. The Group has adopted the following”4+ x” strategies to promote volunteerism.

The 4 + x” service themes comprised of “Care for the Elderly”, “Contribute your Skills”, “Care for Teenagers”, “Care for your Home” and “Innovative Space”. The first four service themes are for the elderly, the unemployed and disadvantaged, youth, and different types of volunteer services such as housing repair, urban development, and environmental protection.

In this year, the Group overachieved the short-term target of 10,000 volunteer hours. In 2020, the Volunteer Branch contributed to the four service themes and fought against the pandemic in the community in 2020, including masks distribution, anti-epidemic promotion, fundraising flag sales and charity sales, caring supplies distribution, home repairs and beach clean-up services.

CSC Macao assisted the Macao SAR government in purchasing 374,000 masks from overseas to support the SAR’s epidemic prevention efforts at a critical time. Through the Macao Chinese Enterprises Association’s Special Committee for the Construction of the Sino-Portuguese Platform, it donated epidemic prevention materials to Portuguese-speaking countries, leading 15 member units to donate materials worth HKD 650,000. It also reduced rents for tenants in need by more than HKD 16 million. Employees were recommended to join the Fu Lun Youth Association as directors and to join organisations such as the China Enterprises Department of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government and the Macao Youth Federation to contribute to the community. CSC Macao also called on its employees to participate in the Macao annual charity event “Walk for Millions” online.

The Group organises or co-organises charitable activities in the Mainland to reach out to those in need. In 2020, it organised many volunteer activities, donated epidemic prevention materials, participated in summer flood relief, targeted poverty alleviation, made donations to poor farmers, families in need, the elderly, children and the disabled, and carried out voluntary tree planting, fully demonstrating the Group’s social responsibility.

The youth league of Henan Company fulfilled its social responsibility as a state-owned enterprise by carrying out public welfare activities, including the “Luminous Project” to help students in need, investing RMB 22,650 in education for poverty alleviation. It helped 71 poor students in remote areas of Ruyang County, Luoyang City to fulfil their “micro-wishes”. It also carried out an activity of “school-enterprise cooperation” and donated RMB 10,000 to poor students in the College of Architecture and Engineering of Shangqiu Normal College.

Since its official establishment in June 2019, the CSCI “Caring for the Community” Volunteer Branch (the “Volunteer Branch”) has now more than 2,100 volunteers, including 95% of Hong Kong employees, who have contributed to leading Chinese-funded enterprises in Hong Kong. We have a representative brand event, such as “1,000 Households Repair & Renovation Scheme “ and “Junior Engineer Workshop”, which are designed to complement the Group’s professional expertise.

In June 2021, we organized the “The constructor for the future of Hong Kong — Junior Engineer Workshop”, which invited 110 students from Hong Kong secondary schools to visit and exchange views on the Hong Kong Palace Museum Project, and to learn about building technology such as BIM and smart construction sites. The event has enhanced the understanding of the traditional Chinese culture among young people and to stimulate their interest in construction engineering and technology. In addition to the two brand activities, we have also provided volunteering activities, such as tutoring students from grassroots families, the "Wind under the Wings" mentor-matching programme, "Charity Walk", and donating food and epidemic prevention supplies to those in need. In 2021, the Group became one of the first Chinese enterprise to receive the “Hong Kong Volunteer Award — Corporate Award “ from the Hong Kong Agency for Volunteer Service and was awarded by the Chief Secretary for Administration of the HKSAR Government. Since 2005, the Hong Kong Agency for Volunteer Service, a non-profitmaking charity, has held the “Hong Kong Volunteer Award” selection event every two years, which is a very representative volunteer honor in Hong Kong. Among them, the Corporate Awards Group B is a group of more than 100 employees. So far, only about a dozen enterprises have been awarded, all are leading enterprises in respective industries.

A group of enthusiastic and dedicated professional staff formed a “House Maintenance“ team to install anti-slip handrails, check water pipes, clean air barriers, etc. for those in need, including grass-root families with difficulties, “tenants of subdivided flats” and singleton elderly. Since the launch of the program, we have received additional referrals from Legislative Council members, District Councillors and district organisations for those in need. These seemingly simple repairs are actually long-term problems, and have been remained as an unsolvable problem for those in need. Such problems have affected their home safety and quality of life for a very long time. Therefore, we have expanded our target to “1,000 Households Repair & Renovation”, leveraging the Group’s advantages in construction and engineering, and become one of the COHL’s targets during the 14th Five-Year Plan period “Four One-Thousands”. During the Reporting Period, we invited a number of senior government officials, Legislative Councilors, community organizations and public welfare organizations to participate in the series. We have received compliments and appreciation from the community for our rapid and high-quality assistance to those in need. In total throughout the year, we have repaired nearly 500 homes in Hong Kong, with more than 1,500 hours of service.