Respond to the Global Trend 4:

The continuous growth of the global population has led to a surge in the rate of consumption of natural resources and energy demand. On the social front, people’s demands and expectations of quality of life such as healthcare, educational opportunities and standard of living continue to increase. To resolve the conflict between social and environmental development, global innovation plays an increasing role, making significant progress in various fields and providing important support for the development in areas of economy, ecology, and people’s livelihood.

CSCI has long adhered to the strategy of technological innovation, supporting business development and operational management of the Group through innovative investment in materials, equipment, craftsmanship and technology, and promoting continuous optimisation of product and service management. Advanced project models and building technology are employed to support the economic, environmental and social sustainability.

The Group participated in the construction of the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter Section Tunnel project of the Central-Wan Chai Bypass (hereafter referred to as “Typhoon Shelter Tunnel Project”), which includes construction of 587 metres of cut-and-cover tunnel and 167 metres of mined tunnel in the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter and ex-Wan Chai Public Cargo Working Area. Not only is the project large in scale, but it also involves temporary reclamations, underground continuous wall, pile foundation, open-cut tunnel, drilltype undercut tunnel and other professional technical work. When the tunnel structure is completed, the relevant reclamation was removed to restore the seabed.

Multiple constraints

  • There are many vessels and busy traffic in Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter. Waters available for construction are limited. Rearrangement of the mooring facilities in the typhoon shelter in stages is required.
  • Land transport is subject to strict restrictions. Only sea transportation is available.

Technical difficulties

  • It involves various types of sub-projects such as temporary reclamation, underground continuous wall, pile foundation, open cut backfill tunnel, drill type undercut tunnel, etc.
  • The construction area intersects with the existing underground public facilities. There are also cross-operation areas with other contractors’ construction area.
  • Completing large-scale underwater concrete cutting within a short period.

High risks

  • Drilling tunnel under the Hung Hom Cross Harbour Tunnel may affect its normal operation
  • Undercut tunnel crosses the absorption layer and underground water, which may lead to risks of geological disasters.
  • The commissioned project plan for the MTR Sha Tin to Central Link was finalised after the commencement of this project. Uncertainty increases the risk faced by the construction parties.

Faced with many engineering difficulties, CSCHK focused on the leading role of technological innovation and actively applied the ‘Ten new technologies in the construction industry’ released and promoted by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development in 2010. Nine major items and 19 sub-items were successfully implemented with satisfactory results. At the same time, CSCHK has developed a series of engineering innovation, including the application of New Austrian Tunneling Method in super-large cross-section undercut tunneling, excavation and support technology in large-scale foundation pit in new reclamation area, structural safety monitoring (control) technology and structural non-destructive demolition technology. CSCHK successfully overcame technical challenges with excellent performance in environmental protection, energy conservation and green construction, while ensuring project quality, safety and project completion requirements.

Application of the ten new technologies in the construction industry by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development in Typhoon Shelter Tunnel Project

Category of new technologies Item of new technologies
Foundation and underground space engineering technology Underground continuous wall post grouting technology
Concrete technology High durability concrete
Self-compacting concrete technology
Concrete crack control technology
Steel bars and prestressing technology High strength steel application technology/
Large diameter steel straight thread connection technology
Template and scaffolding technology Reel type steel pipe scaffolding and support frame technology
Tunnel formwork trolley technology
Steel structure technology Thick steel plate welding technology
Green construction technology Foundation pit construction closed precipitation technology
Construction wastewater recycling technology
Waterproof technology Pre-grouting system construction technology
Swellable waterstop construction technology
Polyurethane waterproof coating construction technology
Seismic strengthening and monitoring technology Structural non-destructive dismantling
Deep foundation pit construction monitoring technology
Structural safety monitoring (control) technology
Application of information technology Virtual simulation construction technology
High precision automatic measurement control technology

This year, the Typhoon Shelter Tunnel Project stood out from 139 project and won the Tien-yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prize, which is the highest award in China in civil engineering construction project innovation. The project is the only winner from Hong Kong this year. In addition, the Typhoon Shelter Tunnel Project was also granted a Hong Kong patent and formed three enterprise-level construction methods, reflecting the advanced nature of the technical level and construction capability. The development and application of innovation technology with scientific and technological achievement worth of HK$97 million, and a technological advancement benefit rate of 1.80%. The project received the Institution of Civil Engineers NCE Tunneling Award for projects worth US$500 million, and a certificate of science and technology promotion demonstration from CSCI. At the same time, the project has outstanding performance in safety and environmental protection, and has won over 30 awards in the safety and environmental protection categories such as the Gold Safety Award, Outstanding Environmental Management and Performance Award (Gold Award) and Wastewi$e Certificate – Excellence Level.

Groundwater may seep through fine joints as the Typhoon Shelter Tunnel Project is located deep under the ground or seabed. The engineering personnel carried out regular inspections on the Typhoon Shelter Tunnel Project. In case of water seepage in the tunnel, followup action and repair grouting treatment were carried out in time. Since then, CSCHK has continued to arrange for the closely monitoring of the engineering staff to ensure the quality of the project.