Respond to the Global Trend 5:
Build an Inclusive and Supportive City

Giving back to society is a form of corporate responsibility. As a member of the construction industry, CSCI pays attention to people’s livelihood and community development by broadening the cooperation with the government, business partners, the community and the public to promote the building of an inclusive and supportive city.

In 2017, Typhoon Hato hit Hong Kong, Macao and the coastal area of Pearl River, resulting in serious damage to large number of infrastructure and public facilities, including Barrier Gate Terminal, the most important and the busiest public transport hub of Macao. Due to the typhoon, the electricity system, firefighting facilities and ventilation system of Barrier Gate Terminal were seriously damaged and the terminal was shut down, leading to significant impact on the city transportation in Macao.

To speed up repair of Barrier Gate Terminal and improve the waiting area, the Infrastructure Development Office of Macao began the remedial construction project of the Barrier Gate Terminal early this year. The Group understands the pressing needs of the public and is committed to contributing to the public and the society with the advantages of its skills and experience. Therefore, during the project tender process, CSC Macao gave priority to shortening the construction period and resuming convenience in public transport. With sufficient discussions and proof, CSC Macao took the initiative to shorten the construction period to half of the government of the Macao Special Administrative Region’s and the industry’s estimate, 255 days.

Barrier Gate Plaza – Underground Public Transport Terminal Traffic and Waiting Area Improvement Project

Area: 13,500 square metres

Duration: 255 days

  • Ground floor
    • Dismantled two flower beds
    • Construct a new refrigeration plant and a generator plant
    • Change a stairhood to a cooling tower
  • Basement
    • Remove the surface plaster, part o f the electromechanical pipelines and equipment for rebuilding
  • The project needs to retain some of the original pipelines and protect the existing equipment, which is more difficult than the general demolition and reconstruction projects
  • The construction process cannot affect the operation Barrier Gate Plaza, to ensure smooth border crossing of 350,000 round trips per day
  • Tight schedule, limited space and complex processes

Since the undertaking of the project, CSC Macao focused on coordinating the distribution of resources and promised to complete the project regardless of the costs while ensuring the quality. Since exemption from the Law on Prevention and Control of Environmental Noise of the project was approved by the government, CSC Macao reasonably adopted a two-shift schedule to carry out work from eight in the morning to ten in the evening. Government departments such as the Transport Bureau and the Municipal Affairs Bureau assisted by speeding up administrative tasks such as approval. Consultancies on design, supervision, and quality control also maintained close communication with CSC Macao to complete the submission and approval of technical documents efficiently, allowing the project to be smoothly implemented. During the construction, CSC Macao insisted on being open to cooperation and valued cooperation with local capital. It worked with 44 local small and medium enterprises including professional constructors and materials suppliers to tackle challenges in the project.

Under the support and cooperation between the government, consultancies and partners, CSC Macao completed the Barrier Gate Terminal project in November ahead of the schedule and handed the project to the Transport Bureau after 251 days of work. The improvement project moved equipment that is prone to impact of flooding to the ground floor to strengthen the resilience of the bus terminal against natural hazards. It also improved the ventilation system and the environment of the waiting area. An air-conditioned waiting room and queuing facilities are installed in the passenger loading and unloading area in the terminal, with special waiting area for pregnant women, the elderly and persons using a wheelchair, so as to satisfy the demands and expectations of different individuals to achieve an inclusive society with mutual trust.