Sustainability ReportForeword

We publish the Sustainability Report on an annual basis to present the Group’s economic, environmental and social policies, measures and performance in a comprehensive and diversified manner, so that stakeholders can further understand the Group’s development strategies and commitments on the path to sustainability.

Reporting Principles and Application

In order to make reasonable decisions on the report content and to ensure the quality of the information disclosed, during the preparation of the Sustainability Report, the Group has adopted internationally accepted reporting principles and responded as follows.

Defining Report Content

Stakeholder Inclusiveness The Group identifies key stakeholders with reference to AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard. Through diverse communication channels such as meetings, workshops and questionnaire, the Group under stands stakeholder’s opinions and expectations, which are addressed in the report. Sustainability Context Discussions of sustainability issues are supplemented with international trends, industry practices and the Group’s long-term risks and opportunities. The report also highlights the Group's response to global trends, as well as the performance of each business divisions and regional companies.
Materiality Material sustainability issues which are related to the core business of the Group and its stakeholders are identified through stakeholder engagement. These issues have been disclosed in the report. Completeness All material sustainability issues are covered in the report to prevent missing any details that are important to the stakeholders.

Defining Report Quality

Accuracy The Group has established internal control and formal review procedures to ensure that all information presented is accurate and reliable. Balance The Group elaborates both the achievements and the challenges in a balanced manner with an objective attitude.
Clarity The way of elaboration in the report enables understanding of stakeholders who are aware of the Group and its activities. Comparability and Consistency The Group uses consistent disclosure accounting methods, enable stakeholders to compare the Group’s sustainability performance year-on-year.
Reliability The information contained in the report has been presented with clarity, without any intentions of misleading or deception. The Group expects to acquire external assurance for future sustainability reports. Timeliness The Group regularly reports its sustainability performances. Information in each report has been clearly indicated with the corresponding reporting period.
Quantitative The Group endeavours to present its performance in quantitative approaches, and provide comparable data in appropriate circumstances.