Social Responsibility

Rooted in society, the operation of businesses is closely linked to various social groups. The Group shoulders the social responsibility of creating value for various stakeholders and actively promoting the well-being and development of the community where it operates by building a livable environment.

  • We and Employees

    CSCI upholds the ideal of prioritising life and operational safety. It adopts the approach of ‘safety first, prevention based and comprehensive governance’ in production safety and is dedicated to improving internal organisation and communication to ensure the safety and health of all employees and workers.

  • We and Partners

    The Group’s supply chain mainly includes suppliers of building materials equipment such as concrete, steel, sand and gravel, as well as energy such as diesel and coal, services providers of processing, labour services and consultants, and subcontractors for construction projects. During the year, the Group has more than 600 major suppliers of products and services in Hong Kong, Macao and Mainland China.

  • We and Customers

    At present, the Chinese economy is shifting to a highquality and fully-automated development stage, and requires companies to attach great importance to the quality of products and services. This is consistent with the core values upheld by CSCI: ‘Good Quality and Value Creation’.

  • We and Community

    CSCI fulfills its responsibility in serving the community and responding to the needs of society. For many years, it has been enhancing the regional development potential by investing in infrastructure, donation to educational purposes and initiating volunteer campaigns. To further regulate activities of community investment, the Group’s Sustainability Committee formulated a policy in 2019, which pledges to continuously strengthen connection with community and understand the needs of the residents. Its focuses on three scopes, including community infrastructure construction projects, building a livable community and supporting charity. Leveraging its business strength, it will seek more opportunities to contribute to the community.