Sustainability Strategy and Approach

  • The Group has been actively promoting sustainable development and has been proactively disclosing its fulfilment of social responsibilities. The Group has progressively upgraded to a more comprehensive sustainability-related disclosure, which leads among enterprises in Hong Kong. The Group develops a sustainability strategy that matches its business, taking into account short-term and long-term objectives, and drives relevant work systematically.

    These seven approaches are the Group’s guiding principles for sustainable development, through which the Group develops and publishes sustainability policies. The Sustainability Committee monitors the responsible persons of the relevant departments in implementing these policies and maintains communication with the staff to ensure that the policies are implemented. The Committee reviews the effectiveness of the policies annually and makes recommendations for revisions to the Board when necessary, taking into account the business situation and external trends.

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The Group is committed to improving its governance level as it is closely related to its ESG performance. The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall strategy and performance of the Group, while also overseeing the development of business, financial performance, and governance. The Group actively promotes diversity among its board members in order to avoid a tendency to “groupthink,” provide a more objective and balanced viewpoint, and assist the Group in implementing its business plans and sustainability strategies. During the Reporting Period, the Group has developed and revised the following policies in order to enhance its governance capabilities and ensure compliance with legal, ethical, and social standards.

Anti-corruption Policy The Group is committed to combating corrupt practices and safeguarding a fair competition environment for the enterprise. Under this policy guidance, the Group will establish a sound corruption reporting system and strengthen the training of relevant personnel to enhance their risk awareness and professional ethics. PDF Download
Whistleblowing Policy The Group provides clear reporting channels to allow individuals to report improper behaviour freely and protect their rights. PDF Download
Water Resource Management Policy The Group has established several directions to strengthen the protection and management of water resources, and promotes the assessment of water resource risks to minimise business impact on water resources. PDF Download
Sustainable Procurement Policy The Group strengthens the management and monitoring of the supply chain to avoid negative environmental impacts of products and services as much as possible. In addition, the Group will actively train and publicise sustainable procurement to enhance the environmental awareness of employees and suppliers. PDF Download
Board Diversity Policy The Group supports gender diversity among board members and sets timely gender ratio goals for the Board. In addition, the Group will ensure that the selection of directors considers the necessary skills, experience, and diverse perspectives for business needs, and ensure that directors can devote sufficient time and make contributions to the Group. PDF Download
Shareholder Communication Policy The Group ensures timely solicitation and understanding of shareholder opinions, and adds online communication methods to shareholders when convening shareholder meetings.
Board Independence Mechanism The Group will make the existing measures to ensure the independence of the board of directors into regulations and ensure that the nomination committee will conduct an annual review of the Board's independence.
Human Rights Policy The Group is committed to respecting and promoting human rights. This policy aims to solidify the corporate culture of respecting human rights, safeguarding the basic human rights of relevant stakeholders, and ensuring that they have access to equal rights, opportunities, and treatment. PDF Download
Climate Change Policy The Group manages climate change risks throughout the entire business operation process and value chain, and to develop strategies that comply with global and industry practices, with the goal to mitigate the impact of climate change on business, adapt to changes in the climate environment, and strengthen the Group's ability to resist climate change. PDF Download
Health and Safety Policy The Group adheres to the construction approach of "safety first, prevention-oriented, comprehensive management", with an aim to provide a safe and healthy environment for full-time and part-time employees, customers, contractors, suppliers, and other stakeholders, so as to prevent accidents, eliminate serious accidents, avoid violations, and prevent prosecutions. PDF Download
Code of Conduct of Supplier The Group encourages suppliers to be environmental friendly and socially responsible, and to fulfill their obligations in full compliance with applicable laws, including those related to environmental protection, human rights, health, and safety. PDF Download
Code of Business Ethics The Group clarifies the basic requirements and behavioral norms of in terms of production operations, business dealings, social activities, etc., so that employees can increase their awareness and make behaviors consistent with professional ethics when performing their duties, conduct their duties in a law-abiding, honest, fair and upright manner. PDF Download