C-SYS+ Architecture

The Group actively promotes digital transformation beyond construction. The C-SYS+ system is developed by CSHK to create a digital enterprise management platform that extends the digital ecology to all aspects of operations and integrates them.

Our technology covers the entire process of engineering projects, allowing us to implement comprehensive digitization and achieve dynamic management and analysis, which are useful for business decision making, tenders subcontracting, risk management and other business operations. We take a holistic view of the company and integrate the requirements of different management departments to improve productivity and user experience. Systematic management of construction progress can improve site and supply chain management: for example, the online system help manage materials, e.g. concrete. It allow suppliers and the Materials Department to communicate on the platform which saves time and improve efficiency while reduces the chance of errors and omissions.

The Group uses the platform’s online communication and data analysis to manage human and financial resources so as to help us speed up the approval workflow, control project costs and provide more accurate bid quotes. We also consider the needs of different stakeholders and engaged them as needed to use this technology platform to centralize data and process it in the cloud, leading the digital ecosystem transformation of the industry.